Web Development

Website development is our bread and butter. From simple landing pages to ecommerce and business websites, we help you make the best out of emerging web technologies.We are passionate about web technologies and constantly keep an eye out for new technologies that make us more efficient. We favour open source technologies such as PHP and MySQL on Linux. We extensively use Zend Framework, ExtJS, jQuery and AJAX. With certain projects with high load we have also successfully increased throughput with the Cloud computing, Node.js and HTML5. We are an independent agency so we are happy to customise any product that you recommend. All our clients have very different requirements and we try to be as flexible as possible to offer the most suitable solution.

Web 2.0 based development

A Web 2.0 site allows users to interact and collaborate with each other. In essence a Web 2.0 site becomes a platform. To facilitate a Web 2.0 website, we ensure that we meet the three criteria

- Usable and rich interface with technologies like AJAX, etc
- Let other systems integrate by providing features like RSS Feeds and Web Services
- Build tools to let users share thoughts and experiences

HTML5 Web Development

HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML standard. HTML is the language that all the websites use. All modern browsers are constantly improving to support these new standards. A handful of features that really excite us are:

- Offline web applications (Web applications that work without an internet connection!)
- HTML5 video to avoid the need for plugins like Flash to play basic videos
- Push technology to send updates from the server (Web sockets)

HTML5 is not supported by all browsers so we will need to enhance user experience for users that have newer browsers while retaining basic functionality for older browsers.

Progressive enhancement

With web development an unique challenge is lack of control over the tools visitors use to view a website. There are users with older browsers and people on newer mobile devices without support for advanced Javascript or Flash plugins. Even internet connection speeds can be a major issue on content rich websites. The core aim with Progressive enhancement is to guarantee that all the users have access to content irrespective of what device they use. Some advantages are:

- Improved SEO by ensuring that search engines get all content
- Support for browsers on mobile devices, desktops and screens with larger resolutions